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Hello! :)

I just wanted to thank shellizzle for starting this comm! :) I hope it's successful for all of us!

Name: Kat
Age: 20
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Reason for joining Blossomy I want to make a positive change, and right now I'm trying to lose some weight.
Do you have a 43things site? If so, please give us the link to your goals list
I haven't been there in a bit, and there's not much there, but it's here :)

List five things you love about yourself and wouldn't change for anything:
1. My humor
2. My creativity/artistic side
3. My common sense
4. My boobs, even though I can't wait until they're back to a C cup. I've gained some weight lol
5. My taste in entertainment (books, movies, tv). I know it sounds stupid but I'm proud of my taste in that stuff. hehe

List five things you ultimately want to change through this experience:
1. My weight
2. My self confidence
3. My laziness
4. My pessimistic thinking
5. Being depressed all the time

Weight: 166 (I've lost a couple pounds in the past week!)
Height: 5'9
Measurements (if you know them): Nope!
Pant size: Depends, 16-18
Shirt size Medium? lol Sometimes large, depending on the shirt

Goal weight: 145
Goal pant/shirt size: 12-14 for pants

What do you plan on doing to reach this goal? Dieting (eating healthier, counting calories), exercising (stretching, cardio, swimming), being more active so I'm not always thinking of food! lol


Also, right now I'm studying for my permit so I can learn to drive, which is something that I haven't done yet due to certain circumstances. Then I hope to start college by the fall, and major in graphic design.

I also have a lot of issues with my mother that I need to deal with. I was thinking of going into therapy, but I never have cause I hate the idea of telling all my business (from the beginning!) to someone. lol

Good luck to everyone :)
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