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blossomy's Journal

Learning to love ourselves one step at a time!
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ABOUT: This community was created by shellizzle to keep track of her attempts at reinventing herself. Actually, her flist was so eager to share in the campaign that they wanted a community to do it in. Metamorphosis was taken, so she settled for something that sounded pretty. She's a girl, okay? She created this community not only as a tool for dieting and exercising, but also a way to keep track of the various steps she's taken in the direction of being a well-rounded pro-active individual in life.

REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP: We want people who are actively going to participate. shellizzle is hoping for a very active community of individuals who are really striving to make a change. For right now the membership is moderated, but maybe in the future she'll open it to everyone. There aren't many requirements. Just be serious about this! Don't say "I'll start posting next week. Just one more week!" No, this community does not play this way. We're about today -- NOT tomorrow.

Once you join please read the guidelines to a better you. There are some important links and information that will help you in your journey. Also, it's required that you post an introduction post. We want to get to know you. It won't work if we don't!

AFFILIATES: If you would like to become an affiliate with blossomy, then please let shellizzle know.

shellizzle - moderator & creator