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blossomy is a community for those who are tired of who they are, but aren't exactly sure how to fix it. Yes, we're a diet and exercise journal, but that's not all! As a community we're striving to make our lives better through trying new things, culture, entertainment and just stepping out of our comfort zone. We're coming together to share experiences, pictures, recipes, stories, and much more. We're a support group!

If you feel like you're ready to take the next step with your life, then please join the community. At the moment membership is moderated, but you will be accepted if you're truly ready to make a commitment. We want people who will participate and share in the journey we're on.

With that being said please join and have fun! :)

<3 blossomy & shellizzle (maintainer)

- - - -

Once you join you can head over to the rules & regulations post to find out how to introduce yourself and what is expected of you!
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